Kimberly Blomquist

Artist + Graphic Designer

Ever since I was a little girl, artwork, doodling and color was engrained in my being. There wasn't enough room to hold all my pictures, stapled together books, illustrations, paintings and precious artwork I endlessly was creating. I knew it was a passion and I needed to be Artistically Educated to make it into a living that I could love for myself. In December of 2014 I Graduated with my Associates in Interactive Media and Design, Then went on to work for a small design business being their only Graphic Designer, while working small rebranding Freelance on the side. I continued to Paint and Draw and do things from the heart to keep my Creative Mojo afloat. I am Highly inclined in Illustrator and Photoshop, I am educated in the entire Adobe Suite, but these remain my strong suits. I also have mad passion and love for watercolor painting and mixing mediums including acrylics and charcoal. Life outside of the Art Realm, I am a Solo-Mama to two beautiful, brilliant curious little girls, that I am convinced are tiny replicas of me. Thank you for your time and stopping by!